##The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan

I initially began reviewing the Wheel of Time series as I did any other books, but soon realised that doing this would mean producing a series of reviews in which fewer and fewer people would have any idea of what I was talking about. The books are so bound to each other that reviewing them independently doesn't make sense, so I plan to wait until I've read the entire series and then do a grand review working through the story at a high level.

As of Book 10, I'm getting less and less impressed with the series. My initial estimate of The Eye of the World was that this was a 4-star series, and this impression lingered for a couple of books, but it's starting to wear off. Things happen, but they're largely mechanical, grinding events that are only really readable because you've got some nice context and are already bought-in. I've reflected this in my more recent star ratings, but in truth a 3-star rating or lower could well apply to most of the series.