Understanding Social Engineering Based Scams

by Markus Jakobsson (ed.)

Rating: ★★

A decidedly uneven book. On the one hand, we have some excellent data-driven chapters (particularly 4,8,9) and a couple of useful discursive ones (5,10), which serve to make the book a useful and relevant resource about modern scams. On the other hand, we have some terrible introductory chapters (1,3), a chapter marred by basic graph-reading errors (2) and one study (6) which seems so obviously flawed that I had to reread the entire thing a few times to be sure that, no, they really did obfuscate the messages that they had established weren't blocked anyway. Given the poor copy of the chapters left to Jakobsson alone (including rudimentary errors in the introduction), I feel that much of the blame for the book's flaws must fall on the editor.