##What The Hell Did I Just Read? by David Wong

Rating: ★★★

Another Wong terror-trip from the cast of John Dies at the End, written in an action-packed style that keeps you burning through the pages. In fact, I felt there was perhaps slightly too much action, with by-the-book car chases and fight scenes edging out some of the more amusing or chilling material.

We have Wong addressing reality-distortion monsters and creepy metafictional horror, parts of which were very skillfully distributed throughout the novel, making it creepier than its plot. There is some absurdism, too, but I thought not as well carried off as the first novel in the series (or perhaps I've just become too familiar with the style). The book also comes with a serious note, a thread about depression and self-destruction, which comes as something of a downer in the middle of some butt jokes, but I think on the whole fits with the setting.

Not as charming as the first book in the series, but worth a read if you liked it. I think I'm more interested in seeing Wong tackle new settings than read another in a series where the protagonists have already survived a couple of apocalypses.