Matthew John Edwards

Email Address
I go by the nick 'Betawolf', and can usually be found on #lucs and #lesswrong on

Personal Profile

I am currently a research student at Lancaster University, in the School of Computing and Communications. I am working in the area of investigative data-mining. I hold a first-class BSc in Computer Science Innovations, also from Lancaster University.

Research Interests

I am a member of both the UCREL and the Security Lancaster research groups, and as such my fields of research span cyber security, information retrieval and data mining.

The area of investigation for my thesis is information fusion in investigative data mining. I am particularly focused on the valuation of data for the purpose of supporting automated profiling and investigation techniques in the context of criminal investigations. A short paper describing some of the early work has recently been published.

Earlier work of mine involved the application of collaborative filtering techniques as a tool to aid investigations of filesharing networks. A published study shows promising results for application in the classification of unknown media on filesharing networks.

I have recently undertaken an extensive systematic literature review of computer science publications which provide data mining and machine learning tools specifically for law enforcement or intelligence purposes, which is soon to be published by ACM Computing Surveys. I am in the process of preparing a manuscript on another literature review on data exfiltration. I am also involved in efforts to generate tools to support systematic literature reviews.

Alongside this, I have been involved in work regarding automatic tracing of social media sites' privacy policies to the functionality described in their source code, and in work tracing the level of link rot in scientific publications.

Professional Experience