My research touches on a number of areas


Online Fraud

Social Engineering

Assessing Privacy & Security Technologies

Identity Resolution

Child Protection

Project Status Dated
Collaborative Filtering to Investigate P2P Nets Completed; Partial Success 2011-12-20
Online Data Mining Papers for the Police Completed; Uncertain 2012-10-01
Mapping Social Networking Code to Privacy Policies Completed; Mitigated Failure 2012-12-07
Review of Data Exfiltration Literature Ongoing; Uncertain 2013-09-16
Anonymous AI-Box Implemented; Failure 2013-09-27
The Value of Profile Attributes in Identity Resolution Ongoing; Uncertain 2014-05-01
Automatic Detection of Social Engineering Vulnerabilities Ongoing; Uncertain 2014-06-01
Sampling Ground Truth Data for Identity Resolution Ongoing; Uncertain 2014-06-01
Semi-Automating the SMS Process Stalled; Unknown 2014-10-07
OSINT as an Ethical Vision of Government Surveillance Presented; Challenged 2015-02-09
The Impact of Javascript-loaded-content on Web-As-Corpus methods Idea 2015-05-05
RCTs for Corporate Security Idea 2015-09-25
A Scholarly History of Identity Resolution Idea 2015-09-25
Automatic Morality Classification Idea 2016-02-25
Detecting Families in OSNs Idea 2016-02-25
Electronic Correspondence Literature Idea 2016-03-02
Best-Effort Multilingual News Alignment Collaboration; Success 2016-03-18
[Detecting and Preventing Mass-Market Fraud]((./detecting_mmf.html) Ongoing; Partial Success 2016-12-01
Understanding Persuasion in Fraud Transcripts Ongoing; Partial Success 2017-12-01
Detecting Romance Scammer Profiles in Online Dating Sites Ongoing; Uncertain 2017-03-20
A Taxonomic Literature Review of Fraud Detection & Prevention Ongoing; Uncertain 2017-08-21