Dragon's Dogma

Rating: ★

I feel like most of the budget for this show was spent on the beautiful title sequence, and they basically just whipped a mediocre student to do the writing. I don't otherwise see how you end up with such a stilted and boring show -- you might try to excuse its rather unsubtle and ham-fisted plot on the grounds that it's for kids, but the gratuitous sex scenes rather undercut that. The action scenes weren't even cool.

Each of the episodes had some core plot-hole, but more than anything, I really found myself baffled by the way the main character failed to ever ask his companion any questions or really listen to them at all, for weeks of continual travel after the dragon had quite clearly and explicitly baited him into the quest that he was inevitably surprised to learn was a trap. About the only good thing about the show was that the annoying child got killed right at the start -- I don't think I could've survived that voice for 7 episodes.

I understand the show is based on a video game, which for its sake I hope was sold more on its mechanics than plot, or else terribly mangled.