Rating: ★★★

Acceptably amusing as a thriller, albeit just for one season. The central mystery is the Jesus-like figure who appears in the midst of a sandstorm in Iraq and then leads refugees to the Israeli border -- before disappearing and reappearing in Texas, where he finds a town in which a tornado destroys everything other than the church. The question is: is he really the messiah, or just a particularly good conman? The skeptics are played by intelligence agency goons, who are of course going through their own personal crises.

With decent production values, and just enough ambivalence that you could argue the case either way, it keeps you watching. The messiah certainly sounds like a religious figure, being incredibly hard to draw a straight answer from, but nothing that happens around him is beyond explanation as a magic act, and it's fun to figure out how it might be done, as well as what he might want.

My fear is that a second season will nosedive in written quality, but I'll probably watch it to find out.