As an inevitable consequence of my book reviews log, I have started recording reviews and ratings for all the TV series I've watched, starting from 2020. As with my book reviews, my watch dates are sometimes speculative and my genre assignments are loose and vague. I watch so little nonfiction (documentaries take too long to say too little) that making the distinction won't be useful here.

Also copied from my book reviews is my rating scale. Something entertaining enough to pass the time with gets three stars; four stars is for things I actually liked, and five stars means I was genuinely impressed. Things which I find obviously flawed will get two stars, and one star means I really regret watching the thing.

Series Seasons Aired Genre Watch Date Rating Review
JPod 1 2008 Sitcom 2020-01 ★★
Lost in Space 2 2018 Science-Fiction; Family 2020-01 ★★
Avatar: The Last Airbender 3 2005 Fantasy; Oriental 2020-01 ★★★★★