As a sort of personal log of opinion and content, I try to write reviews for all the book-like things in my leisure reading, and keep a record of everything I've read. This began as part of a sort of group 'competition' on a writing hobbyist site [1].

Excluding smaller items of web fiction, along with academic papers and a swathe of non-fiction articles from both print and electronic sources, all of which I deemed too much hassle to try and record, I have a complete record of things I've read since the start of 2012, though completion dates are sometimes more approximate than exact. Genre assignments are vague and speculative. Items read since the start of 2013 should all have short reviews, barring more recent items I haven't gotten around to writing about yet.

I use a five-star rating system which is based on three stars being a neutral rating. Things I consider a 'good read' for any of various, perhaps inarticulable, reasons will get bumped up to four stars. Anything which really impresses me will get five stars. Two stars means I found the book generally disappointing or sub-par in some way. One star means it was really terrible. I try to trade off various bad and good aspects of books while remaining true to my overall impression of their quality.

Title Author Genre Date Read Rating Review
The Code Book Simon Singh Nonfiction; History; Technology 2012-01-07 ★★★★
The Last Wish Andrzej Sapkowski Fiction; Fantasy 2012-01-11 ★★★
Catch 22 Joseph Heller Fiction; Comedy; Surreal 2012-01-14 ★★★★★
Fermat's Last Theorem Simon Singh Nonfiction; History; Mathematics 2012-01-15 ★★★★
Foundation Isaac Asimov Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-01-15 ★★★★
Foundation and Empire Isaac Asimov Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-01-17 ★★★★
This Seat of Mars Charles Carlton Nonfiction; History 2012-01-18 ★★★
Second Foundation Isaac Asimov Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-01-19 ★★★★
The Book of Human Skin Michelle Lovric Fiction; Theological 2012-01-26 ★★★★
Necronomicon H. P. Lovecraft Fiction; Collection; Horror; Fantasy; Surreal 2012-03-29 ★★★★
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring J. R. R. Tolkien Fiction; Fantasy 2012-04-04 ★★★★
The Oddessy Homer (tr. Robert Squillace) Fiction; Legend; History 2012-04-09 ★★★★
The Penelopiad Margaret Atwood Fiction; Derivative 2012-04-09 ★★★
The Outsider Albert Camus Fiction 2012-04-09 ★★★★
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers J. R. R. Tolkien Fiction; Fantasy 2012-04-11 ★★★★
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King J. R. R. Tolkien Fiction; Fantasy 2012-04-13 ★★★★
If on a Winter's Night a Traveller Italo Calvino Fiction; Surreal 2012-04-29 ★★★★
Inheritance Christopher Paolini Fiction; Fantasy 2012-05-14 ★★★
The Master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov Fiction; Surreal; Theological 2012-05-20 ★★★★
If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things Jon McGregor Fiction 2012-05-27 ★★★
Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe Fiction 2012-06-05 ★★★
The Silmarillion J. R. R. Tolkien Fiction; Fantasy 2012-06-20 ★★★★★
1Q84 Haruki Murakami Fiction; Surreal 2012-06-21 ★★
The Song of Achilles Madeline Miller Fiction; Derivative 2012-06-23 ★★★
The Time Machine H. G. Wells Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-06-24 ★★★★
The Island of Dr. Moreau H. G. Wells Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-06-25 ★★★★
The War of the Worlds H. G. Wells Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-06-25 ★★★★
The First Men in the Moon H. G. Wells Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-06-26 ★★★★
The Invisible Man H. G. Wells Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-06-26 ★★★★
Innominato William Gilbert Fiction; Collection 2012-06-28 ★★
The Warrior's Apprentice Lois McMaster Bujold Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-07-11 ★★★
The Mountains of Mourning Lois McMaster Bujold Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-07-11 ★★★
Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky Fiction 2012-07-15 ★★★
When the Devil Dances John Ringo Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-07-17 ★★★
Dune Frank Herbert Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-07-20 ★★★★
Dune Messiah Frank Herbert Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-07-22 ★★★
Hell's Faire John Ringo Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-07-24 ★★
Children of Dune Frank Herbert Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-08-30 ★★★
The Hobbit J. R. R. Tolkien Fiction; Fantasy 2012-09-01 ★★★★
Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear Dan Gardner Nonfiction; Psychology 2012-09-02 ★★★★
Titus Groan Mervyn Peake Fiction; Fantasy 2012-09-08 ★★★★
Gormenghast Mervyn Peake Fiction; Fantasy 2012-09-11 ★★★★
Titus Alone Mervyn Peake Fiction; Fantasy 2012-09-15 ★★★
The Circle and the Cross Caiseal Mor Fiction; Fantasy 2012-09-20 ★★★
The Song of the Earth Caiseal Mor Fiction; Fantasy 2012-09-30 ★★★
Surface Detail Ian M. Banks Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-10-05 ★★★★
Brave New World Aldous Huxley Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-11-11 ★★★★
Bad Pharma Ben Goldacre Nonfiction 2012-11-17 ★★★★
Stranger in a Strange Land Robert A. Heinlein Fiction; Science-Fiction; Theological 2012-11-25 ★★★★
2001: A Space Oddessy Arthur C. Clarke Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-11-26 ★★★★
The City and the Stars Arthur C. Clarke Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-11-27 ★★★★
Deep Range Arthur C. Clarke Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-11-29 ★★★★
A Fall of Moondust Arthur C. Clarke Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-11-30 ★★★★
Rendezvous with Rama Arthur C. Clarke Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-11-30 ★★★★★
Life of Pi Yann Martel Fiction; Surreal 2012-12-02 ★★★★
The Bridge Ian Banks Fiction; Surreal 2012-12-09 ★★★★
Red Country Joe Abercrombie Fiction; Fantasy 2012-12-09 ★★★★
The Man in the High Castle Philip K. Dick Fiction; Science-Fiction 2012-12-17 ★★★★
China: A History John Keay Nonfiction; History 2013-01-01 ★★★★
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury Fiction; Science-Fiction 2013-01-03 ★★★
Vanished Kingdoms Norman Davies Nonfiction; History 2013-01-14 ★★★★
The Glass Bead Game Herman Hesse Fiction 2013-01-19 ★★★★
Them: Adventures with Extremists Jon Ronson Nonfiction; Journalism; Psychology 2013-01-21 ★★★★★
The Iliad Homer (tr. Martin Hammond) Fiction; Legend; History 2013-01-28 ★★★★
Anglo-Saxon England Peter Hunter Blair Nonfiction; History 2013-02-17 ★★★★
In the Days of the Comet H. G. Wells Fiction; Science-Fiction 2013-02-28 ★★★
Men Like Gods H. G. Wells Fiction; Science-Fiction 2013-03-02 ★★★★
Dead Winter C. L. Werner Fiction; Fantasy 2013-03-16 ★★
A Thousand Sons Graham Mitchell Fiction; Science-Fiction 2013-03-20 ★★★
We Yevgeny Zamyatin Fiction; Science-Fiction 2013-03-25 ★★★
The Sleeper Awakes H. G. Wells Fiction; Science-Fiction 2013-04-01 ★★★★
Iron Warriors: The Omnibus Graham McNeill Fiction; Collection; Science-Fiction 2013-04-09 ★★★
The Trial Franz Kafka Fiction; Surreal 2013-04-10 ★★★★
Sirens of Titan Kurt Vonnegut Fiction; Science-Fiction; Comedy 2013-04-14 ★★★★
The War in the Air H. G. Wells Fiction; Science-Fiction 2013-04-21 ★★★★
Time's Arrow Martin Amis Fiction; Surreal 2013-04-24 ★★★★★
The Eye of the World Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2013-04-28 ★★★★
The Great Hunt Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2013-05-03 ★★★★
The Dragon Reborn Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2013-05-05 ★★★★
The Shadow Rising Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2013-05-11 ★★★★
The Fires of Heaven Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2013-05-16 ★★★★
Lord of Chaos Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2013-05-23 ★★★★
A Crown of Swords Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2013-06-09 ★★★
The Path of Daggers Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2013-06-12 ★★★
Winter's Heart Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2013-06-14 ★★★
Blindness Jose Saramego Fiction 2013-08-04 ★★★★★
Is That A Fish in Your Ear? David Bellos Nonfiction; Language 2013-08-11 ★★★★
The Artist, The Philosopher and The Warrior Paul Strathern Nonfiction; History 2013-08-13 ★★★★
The Complete Robot Isaac Asimov Fiction; Collection; Science-Fiction 2013-08-14 ★★★★
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain Fiction 2013-08-15 ★★★★
The Plague Albert Camus Fiction 2013-08-16 ★★★★
I, Claudius Robert Graves Fiction; Historical 2013-08-19 ★★★★
Claudius the God Robert Graves Fiction; Historical 2013-08-21 ★★★★
Helliconia Spring Brian Aldiss Fiction; Science-Fiction; Fantasy 2013-09-09 ★★★★
Amerika Franz Kafka Fiction 2013-09-14 ★★
The Year of the Hare Arto Paasilinna (tr. Herbert Lomas) Fiction 2013-09-15 ★★★★
Howl's Moving Castle Dianna Wynne Jones Fiction; Fantasy 2013-10-12 ★★★
The Quantum Thief Hannu Rajaniemi Fiction; Science-Fiction 2013-10-13 ★★★
Worm J. C. McCrae Fiction; Science-Fiction; Horror 2013-11-11 ★★★★★
Luminosity Hannah Finley Fiction; Fantasy; Romance; Derivative 2014-03-30 ★★★
Radiance Hannah Finley Fiction; Fantasy; Romance; Derivative 2014-04-04 ★★★★
Blindsight Peter Watts Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-04-08 ★★★★★
The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie Fiction; Theological; Surreal 2014-04-10 ★★★
John Dies at the End David Wong Fiction; Horror; Comedy 2014-04-13 ★★★★
Dark Matter Michelle Paver Fiction; Horror 2014-04-14 ★★★
Look Who's Back Timur Vermes (tr. Jamie Bulloch) Fiction; Comedy 2014-05-25 ★★★★
The Long Ships Frank Bengtsson (tr. Michael Meyer) Fiction; Historical 2014-05-26 ★★★★
Carpetbaggers Cofax Fiction; Fantasy; Derivative 2014-06-05 ★★★
Little Brother Cory Doctorow Fiction 2014-06-11 ★★★★
Snow Crash Neal Stephenson Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-06-21 ★★★★
Homeland Cory Doctorow Fiction 2014-06-27 ★★★
The Death Guard Philip George Chadwick Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-06-30 ★★★★
The Iron Dragon's Daughter Michael Swanwick Fiction; Fantasy; Surreal 2014-07-14 ★★★★★
Battlefield Earth L. Ron Hubbard Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-07-21 ★★★
Duncton Wood William Horwood Fiction; Fantasy 2014-07-22 ★★★
Rubicon Tom Holland Nonfiction; History 2014-07-27 ★★★★
Cloud Atlas David Mitchell Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-07-29 ★★★★
Crossroads of Twilight Robert Jordan Fiction; Fantasy 2014-07-31 ★★
Only Forward Michael Marshall Smith Fiction; Science-Fiction; Surreal 2014-08-01 ★★★★
American Gods Neil Gaiman Fiction; Fantasy 2014-08-08 ★★★★
Three Felonies A Day Harvey A. Silverglate Nonfiction 2014-08-28 ★★★
Spares Michael Marshall Smith Fiction; Science-Fiction; Surreal 2014-09-01 ★★★★
The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet Reif Larsen Fiction; Surreal 2014-09-20 ★★★★
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! Richard P. Feynman Nonfiction; Biography; Collection 2014-09-23 ★★★★
Technological Slavery Theodore Kaczynski Nonfiction; Political; Collection 2014-10-08 ★★★★
Flowers for Algernon Daniel Keyes Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-10-09 ★★★★
House of Leaves Mark Z. Danielewski Fiction; Horror; Surreal 2014-10-11 ★★★★★
The Songs of Distant Earth Arthur C. Clarke Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-10-12 ★★★
Echopraxia Peter Watts Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-10-12 ★★★★
Ender's Game Orson Scott Card Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-10-17 ★★★★
Speaker for the Dead Orson Scott Card Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-10-19 ★★★★
Shadow of the Torturer Gene Wolfe Fiction; Science-Fiction; Fantasy 2014-10-22 ★★★
Xenocide Orson Scott Card Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-10-25 ★★★
Claw of the Conciliator Gene Wolfe Fiction; Science-Fiction; Fantasy 2014-10-31 ★★★★
How to Live on 24 Hours a Day Arnold Bennett Nonfiction 2014-12-16 ★★★★
Excuse Me Sir, Would You Like to Buy a Kilo of Isopropyl Bromide? Max Gergel Nonfiction; Biography; Chemistry 2014-12-24 ★★★★
Sword of the Lictor Gene Wolfe Fiction; Science-Fiction; Fantasy 2014-12-27 ★★★★
The Wisdom of Trees Max Adams Nonfiction; Nature 2014-12-28 ★★★★
A Clockwork Orange Anthony Burgess Fiction; Science-Fiction 2014-12-31 ★★★★
Ra Sam Hughes Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-01-04 ★★★
The Citadel of the Autarch Gene Wolfe Fiction; Science-Fiction; Fantasy 2015-01-11 ★★★
The English Resistance Peter Rex Nonfiction; History 2015-01-15 ★★★
William Pitt the Younger Eric J. Evans Nonfiction; Biography; History 2015-01-18 ★★★
Haunted Chuck Palahniuk Fiction; Collection; Horror 2015-01-19 ★★
Political Parties in Britain, 1783-1867 Eric J. Evans Nonfiction; History 2015-01-20 ★★★
This Book is Full of Spiders David Wong Fiction; Horror; Comedy 2015-01-29 ★★★★
Pact J. C. McCrae Fiction; Fantasy; Horror 2015-03-07 ★★★
Imp Andrew Neiderman Fiction 2015-03-10 ★★★
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Eleizer Yudkowsky Fiction; Derivative; Fantasy 2015-03-15 ★★★★
Winterbirth Brian Ruckley Fiction; Fantasy 2015-03-29 ★★★
The Three Body Problem Liu Cixin (tr. Ken Liu) Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-05-31 ★★★★
The Stations of the Tide Michael Swanwick Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-06-17 ★★★★
The Martian Andy Weir Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-06-20 ★★★★
The Vorrh Brian Catling Fiction; Fantasy; Surreal 2015-07-14 ★★★
An Introduction to Information Theory: Symbols, Signals and Noise John R. Pierce Nonfiction; Mathematics 2015-08-03 ★★★★
On War Carl von Clausewitz Nonfiction; Philosophy 2015-08-11 ★★★
Maus Art Spiegelman Nonfiction; Biography 2015-08-12 ★★★★
The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-08-13 ★★★★
The Collapse of Complex Societies Joseph A. Tainter Nonfiction; History 2015-08-17 ★★★★
Guns, Germs and Steel Jared Diamond Nonfiction; History 2015-08-22 ★★★★
Player Piano Kurt Vonnegut Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-08-23 ★★★★
Mother Niqht Kurt Vonnegut Fiction 2015-08-23 ★★★★
On Writing Well William Zinsser Nonfiction; Language 2015-08-29 ★★★★
Starfish Peter Watts Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-09-06 ★★★★
Maelstrom Peter Watts Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-09-07 ★★★★
βehemoth Peter Watts Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-09-11 ★★★★
The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect Roger Williams Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-09-14 ★★★★
The Disappearing Spoon Sam Kean Nonfiction; History; Chemistry 2015-09-18 ★★★
The Mouse That Roared Leonard Wibberley Fiction; Comedy 2015-09-21 ★★★
Accelerando Charles Stross Fiction; Science-Fiction 2015-09-24 ★★★★★
Nine Princes in Amber Roger Zelazny Fiction; Fantasy 2015-10-11 ★★★★
The Guns of Avalon Roger Zelazny Fiction; Fantasy 2015-10-12 ★★★
Sign of the Unicorn Roger Zelazny Fiction; Fantasy 2015-10-13 ★★★
The Hand of Oberon Roger Zelazny Fiction; Fantasy 2015-10-14 ★★★
The Courts of Chaos Roger Zelazny Fiction; Fantasy 2015-10-14 ★★★★
Chronicles of Wasted Time: The Green Stick Malcolm Muggeridge Nonfiction; Biography 2015-10-19 ★★★
Northern Lights Phillip Pullman Fiction; Fantasy 2015-11-01 ★★★★
The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman Fiction; Fantasy 2015-11-07 ★★★★
The Amber Spyglass Philip Pullman Fiction; Fantasy 2015-11-08 ★★★★
Gardens of the Moon Steven Erikson Fiction; Fantasy 2015-11-20 ★★★
The Dragons of Babel Michael Swanwick Fiction; Fantasy; Surreal 2015-12-14 ★★★★
Salt: A World History Mark Kurlansky Nonfiction; History 2015-12-28 ★★★★
Deadhouse Gates Steven Erikson Fiction; Fantasy 2015-12-31 ★★★
The Goshawk T. H. White Nonfiction; Nature 2016-01-01 ★★★★
So You've Been Publicly Shamed Jon Ronson Nonfiction; Journalism 2016-01-01 ★★★★
A Natural History of Dragons Marie Brennan Fiction; Fantasy 2016-01-03 ★★★
Luminous Greg Egan Fiction; Collection; Science-Fiction 2016-01-07 ★★★★
A Canticle for Leibowitz Walter M. Miller, Jr. Fiction; Science-Fiction; Theological 2016-01-10 ★★★★
Memories of Ice Steven Erikson Fiction; Fantasy 2016-01-14 ★★★
House of Chains Steven Erikson Fiction; Fantasy 2016-01-18 ★★★
Carrie Stephen King Fiction; Horror; Science-Fiction 2016-01-23 ★★★★
The Name of the Wind Patrick Rothfuss Fiction; Fantasy 2016-01-24 ★★★★★
Midnight Tides Steven Erikson Fiction; Fantasy 2016-02-01 ★★
Neverwhere Neil Gaiman Fiction; Fantasy 2016-02-02 ★★★
The Wise Man's Fear Patrick Rothfuss Fiction; Fantasy 2016-02-06 ★★★★★
Persepolis Marjane Satrapi Nonfiction; Biography 2016-02-15 ★★★★
The Voyage of the Beagle Charles Darwin Nonfiction; Nature; Biography 2016-03-02 ★★★
What Do You Care What Other People Think? Richard P. Feynman Nonfiction; Biography; Collection 2016-03-05 ★★★★
The Clockwork Universe Edward Dolnick Nonfiction; History 2016-03-09 ★★★
Data Matching Peter Christen Nonfiction; Technology 2016-03-13 ★★★★
The Shepherd's Crown Terry Pratchett Fiction; Fantasy; Comedy 2016-03-15 ★★★★
Chanson de Geste LVDB Fiction; Derivative; Fantasy 2016-03-20 ★★★
Seeing Further Bill Bryson (ed.) Nonfiction; Collection; History; Nature 2016-03-23 ★★★
A Perfect Vacuum Stanislaw Lem (tr. Michael Kandel) Fiction; Collection; Science-Fiction; Surreal 2016-03-26 ★★★★
Egil's Saga Snorri Sturluson (tr. Bernard Scudder) Nonfiction; Biography; History 2016-03-28 ★★★
The Bridge of San Luis Rey Thornton Wilder Fiction; Theological 2016-03-30 ★★★★
The Invention of Nature Andrea Wulf Nonfiction; Biography; Nature 2016-04-02 ★★★
Foucault's Pendulum Umberto Eco (tr. William Weaver) Fiction 2016-04-08 ★★★★
The Elder Edda anon. (tr. Andy Orchard) Fiction; Collection; Legend; Theological 2016-04-13 ★★★
Chronicles of Wasted Time: The Infernal Grove Malcolm Muggeridge Nonfiction; Biography 2016-04-19 ★★★
Humboldt and the Cosmos Douglas Botting Nonfiction; Biography; Nature 2016-04-24 ★★★
The Vatnsdaela Saga anon. (tr. Andrew Wawn) Nonfiction; History 2016-04-29 ★★★
The Sparrow Mary Doria Russell Fiction; Science-Fiction; Theological 2016-05-06 ★★★
The Horse, The Wheel and Language David W. Anthony Nonfiction; History; Language 2016-05-10 ★★★★
Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes Daniel Everett Nonfiction; Language 2016-05-13 ★★★★
Red Mars Kim Stanley Robinson Fiction; Science-Fiction 2016-07-30 ★★★★
Green Mars Kim Stanley Robinson Fiction; Science-Fiction 2016-08-13 ★★★★
Blue Mars Kim Stanley Robinson Fiction; Science-Fiction 2016-08-30 ★★★★
The Slow Regard of Silent Things Patrick Rothfuss Fiction; Fantasy 2016-09-01 ★★★★
Sea of Ghosts Alan Campbell Fiction; Fantasy; Science-Fiction 2016-09-04 ★★★
Art of Hunting Alan Campbell Fiction; Fantasy; Science-Fiction 2016-09-24 ★★★
The Years of Rice and Salt Kim Stanley Robinson Fiction; Historical; Theological 2016-10-02 ★★★★
The Story of Higham-on-the-Hill, the Centre of England Michael L. Cox Nonfiction; History 2016-10-02 ★★★
Lyra's Oxford Phillip Pullman Fiction; Fantasy 2016-12-01 ★★★
It Stephen King Fiction; Horror 2016-12-09 ★★★
Empire of the Summer Moon S. C. Gwynne Nonfiction; History 2016-12-24 ★★★★
Futuristic Violence & Fancy Suits David Wong Fiction; Science-Fiction; Comedy 2016-12-26 ★★★★
White Light Rudy Rucker Fiction; Surreal 2016-12-26 ★★★
A Stain in the Blood Joe Moshenska Nonfiction; Biography; History 2017-01-01 ★★★
Johnathan Strange & Mr Norrell Susanna Clarke Fiction; Fantasy 2017-01-03 ★★★★
Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore Robin Sloan Fiction 2017-01-03 ★★★
The Amulet of Samarkand Johnathan Stroud Fiction; Fantasy 2017-01-20 ★★★★
The Golem's Eye Johnathan Stroud Fiction; Fantasy 2017-01-23 ★★★★
Ptolemy's Gate Johnathan Stroud Fiction; Fantasy 2017-01-25 ★★★★
The Ring of Solomon Johnathan Stroud Fiction; Fantasy 2017-01-27 ★★★
Walden Henry David Thoreau Nonfiction; Biography; Nature 2017-02-27 ★★★
Vicious Circle Mike Carey Fiction; Fantasy; Crime 2017-03-03 ★★★
The Making of the Middle Ages R. W. Southern Nonfiction; History 2017-03-17 ★★★★
The End of Mr. Y Scarlett Thomas Fiction; Surreal 2017-03-17 ★★
Singularity Sky Charles Stross Fiction; Science-Fiction 2017-03-20 ★★★★
On The Abolition of All Political Parties Simone Weil (tr. Simon Leys) Nonfiction; Political 2017-03-21 ★★★★
Q Luther Blisset Fiction; Historical 2017-03-28 ★★★★
Infinite Jest David Foster Wallace Fiction; Science-Fiction; Surreal 2017-04-09 ★★★★
Three Parts Dead Max Gladstone Fiction; Fantasy 2017-04-12 ★★★
Inside Story Philip Webster Nonfiction; Biography; Political 2017-04-12 ★★
Lord Foul's Bane Stephen Donaldson Fiction; Fantasy; Surreal 2017-04-16 ★★★
The Origins of Political Order Francis Fukuyama Nonfiction; History; Political 2017-04-27 ★★★★★
Independent People Halldor Laxness (tr. J. A. Thompson) Fiction 2017-05-11 ★★★★
The Devil In The White City Erik Larson Nonfiction; History; Crime 2017-05-19 ★★★
Oryx and Crake Margaret Atwood Fiction; Science-Fiction 2017-05-30 ★★★★
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail Hunter S. Thompson Nonfiction; Political; History 2017-06-11 ★★
The Illearth War Stephen Donaldson Fiction; Fantasy; Surreal 2017-06-18 ★★★
Influence Robert Cialdini Nonfiction; Psychology 2017-06-21 ★★★★
The Etymologicon Mark Forsyth Nonfiction; Language 2017-06-22 ★★★
The Last Samurai Helen DeWitt Fiction 2017-06-24 ★★★★★
Unsong Scott Alexander Fiction; Theological; Surreal 2017-06-28 ★★★★★
Authorship Attribution Patrick Juola Nonfiction; Language; Technology 2017-07-02 ★★★
Forensic Authorship Analysis and the World Wide Web Samuel Larner Nonfiction; Language; Technology 2017-07-03 ★★
Steppenwolf Herman Hesse (tr. David Horrocks) Fiction; Surreal 2017-07-11 ★★★★
Ignition John D. Clark Nonfiction; Technology; Chemistry 2017-07-13 ★★★★
The Professor and the Madman Simon Winchester Nonfiction; Language; Biography 2017-07-14 ★★★
The Passage Justin Cronin Fiction; Science-Fiction; Horror 2017-07-16 ★★★★
The Cyberiad Stanislaw Lem (tr. Michael Kandel) Fiction; Collection; Science-Fiction 2017-07-17 ★★★★
Capital Realism Mark Fisher Nonfiction; Political 2017-07-17 ★★★
Possible Worlds and Other Essays J. B. S. Haldane Nonfiction; Collection; Nature 2017-07-23 ★★★
The Power That Preserves Stephen Donaldson Fiction; Fantasy; Surreal 2017-07-24 ★★★★
Ready Player One Ernest Cline Fiction; Science-Fiction 2017-07-25 ★★
Farnham's Freehold Robert A. Heinlein Fiction; Science-Fiction 2017-07-28 ★★★
Vicious V. E. Schwab Fiction; Fantasy 2017-08-01 ★★
The Traitor Baru Cormorant Seth Dickinson Fiction; Fantasy 2017-08-02 ★★★★
Autobiographical Writings Herman Hesse (tr. Denver Lindley) Nonfiction; Collection; Biography 2017-08-05 ★★★★
The Raw Shark Texts Steven Hall Fiction; Surreal 2017-08-08 ★★★
Essays of a Biologist Julian Huxley Nonfiction; Collection; Nature; Theological 2017-08-15 ★★
Political Order and Political Decay Francis Fukuyama Nonfiction; History; Political 2017-08-28 ★★★★
Roadside Picnic Arkady & Boris Strugatsky (tr. Olena Bormashenko) Fiction; Science-Fiction 2017-08-28 ★★★
Seveneves Neal Stephenson Fiction; Science-Fiction 2017-09-03 ★★★★
Understanding Social Engineering Based Scams Markus Jakobsson (ed.) Nonfiction; Technology; Psychology 2017-09-08 ★★
The March North Graydon Saunders Fiction; Fantasy 2017-09-08 ★★★★
A Succession of Bad Days Graydon Saunders Fiction; Fantasy 2017-09-27 ★★★★
One Hundred Twenty-One Days Michele Audin (tr. Christiana Hills) Fiction 2017-10-03 ★★★
Safely You Deliver Graydon Saunders Fiction; Fantasy 2017-10-08 ★★★
The Wood for the Trees Richard Fortey Nonfiction; History; Nature 2017-10-15 ★★★
Seeing Like A State James C. Scott Nonfiction; History; Political 2017-10-23 ★★★★
Arabian Sands Wilfred Thesiger Nonfiction; Biography 2017-11-21 ★★★★
The Magicians Lev Grossman Fiction; Fantasy 2017-11-22 ★★★
The Magician King Lev Grossman Fiction; Fantasy 2017-11-23 ★★
The Magician's Land Lev Grossman Fiction; Fantasy 2017-11-24 ★★★
A Maggot John Fowles Fiction; Historical; Theological 2017-11-29 ★★★★
The Doctoral Examination Process Penny Tinkler & Carolyn Jackson Nonfiction 2017-11-30 ★★★
Senlin Ascends Josiah Bancroft Fiction; Fantasy 2017-12-06 ★★★
What The Hell Did I Just Read? David Wong Fiction; Surreal; Horror; Comedy 2018-01-15 ★★★
At Day's Close: A History of Nighttime A. Roger Ekirch Nonfiction; History 2018-02-25 ★★★★
The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco (tr. William Weaver) Fiction; Historical; Theological 2018-03-21 ★★★★
Selected Non-Fictions Jorge Luis Borges (tr. various) Nonfiction; Collection 2018-04-09 ★★★★
Memoirs Edward Teller Nonfiction; Biography; Technology 2018-04-14 ★★★★
Stories of Your Life and Others Ted Chiang Fiction; Collection; Science-Fiction 2018-04-15 ★★★★
The Riddle of the Labyrinth Margalit Fox Nonfiction; History; Language 2018-04-18 ★★★
A Discovery of Witches Deborah Harkness Fiction; Fantasy; Romance 2018-04-22
A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again David Foster Wallace Nonfiction; Collection 2018-04-26 ★★★★★
Memoirs of Vidocq Eugene Francois Vidocq (tr. unknown) Nonfiction; Biography; Crime 2018-05-01 ★★★
Lanark Alisdair Gray Fiction; Surreal; Theological; Science-Fiction 2018-05-03 ★★★★
Raise a Genius! Laszlo Polgar (tr. Gordon Tisher) Nonfiction 2018-05-05 ★★
The Library at Mount Char Scott Hawkins Fiction; Fantasy; Horror 2018-05-05 ★★★★
Ancient Philosophy Anthony Kenny Nonfiction; History; Philosophy 2018-05-10 ★★★★
Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut Fiction; Science-Fiction; Comedy 2018-05-10 ★★★
Superintelligence Nick Bostrom Nonfiction; Technology 2018-05-13 ★★★★
God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater Kurt Vonnegut Fiction 2018-05-14 ★★★
Apology Plato (tr. Benjamin Jowett) Nonfiction; Philosophy 2018-05-15 ★★★★
Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut Fiction; Science-Fiction 2018-05-16 ★★★
The New Journalism Tom Wolfe (ed.) Nonfiction; Collection; Journalism 2018-05-21 ★★★★
Breakfast of Champions Kurt Vonnegut Fiction; Comedy; Surreal 2018-05-22 ★★★
Eichmann in Jerusalem Hannah Arendt Nonfiction; History; Crime 2018-05-24 ★★★
The Instructions Adam Levin Fiction; Theological 2018-05-26 ★★★★
The Psychopath Test Jon Ronson Nonfiction; Psychology; Journalism 2018-05-27 ★★★★
The History Man Malcolm Bradbury Fiction 2018-05-30 ★★
Spam Nation Brian Krebs Nonfiction; Technology; Crime 2018-06-01 ★★★
The Stand Stephen King Fiction; Science-Fiction; Horror 2018-06-04 ★★★
Medieval Philosophy Anthony Kenny Nonfiction; History; Philosophy; Theological 2018-06-18 ★★★
Empires of the Word Nicholas Ostler Nonfiction; History; Language 2018-06-26 ★★★★
Kidnapped by the Cult! Francine Pascal Fiction; Romance 2018-06-28
R Inferno Patrick Burns Nonfiction; Technology 2018-07-14 ★★★
Beards Reginald Reynolds Nonfiction; History 2018-07-15 ★★★★
Jill's Gymkhana Ruby Ferguson Fiction 2018-07-16 ★★
A Fire Upon the Deep Vernor Vinge Fiction; Science-Fiction 2018-07-19 ★★★★
The Marsh Arabs Wilfred Thesiger Nonfiction; Biography 2018-07-28 ★★★
A Deepness in the Sky Vernor Vinge Fiction; Science-Fiction 2018-08-02 ★★★★
Ten Days in a Mad-House Nellie Bly Nonfiction; Psychology 2018-08-03 ★★★
Special Topics in Calamity Physics Marisha Pessl Fiction 2018-08-08 ★★★
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat Oliver Sacks Nonfiction; Collection; Psychology 2018-08-11 ★★★
A Universal History of Infamy Jorge Luis Borges (tr. Norman Thomas di Giovianni) Fiction; Collection; Surreal 2018-08-12 ★★★★
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen Fiction; Romance 2018-08-16 ★★★
Meditations Marcus Aurelius (tr. Meric Casaubon) Nonfiction; Philosophy 2018-08-16 ★★
How the World Was One Arthur C. Clarke Nonfiction; History; Technology 2018-08-18 ★★★★
Wizard's First Rule Terry Goodkind Fiction; Fantasy 2018-08-24
Ways of Seeing John Berger Nonfiction 2018-09-01 ★★
Gödel, Escher, Bach Douglas R. Hofstadter Nonfiction; Mathematics; Philosophy 2018-09-06 ★★★★★
The Magus John Fowles Fiction 2018-09-12 ★★★
Dawn of the Dumb Charlie Brooker Nonfiction; Collection; Comedy; Journalism 2018-09-17 ★★★★
The Rise of Modern Philosophy Anthony Kenny Nonfiction; History; Philosophy 2018-09-17 ★★★★
The Star Diaries Stanislaw Lem (tr. Michael Kandel) Fiction; Collection; Science-Fiction; Comedy 2018-09-21 ★★★★
And Then There Were None Agatha Christie Fiction; Crime 2018-09-21 ★★★
The Search for E. T. Bell Constance Bowman Reid Nonfiction; Biography 2018-09-27 ★★★★
Jitterbug Perfume Tom Robbins Fiction; Surreal 2018-09-29 ★★★
The Emperor of All Maladies Siddhartha Mukherjee Nonfiction; History 2018-10-24 ★★★
Philosophy in the Modern World Anthony Kenny Nonfiction; History; Philosophy 2018-10-26 ★★★
Fiend Peter Stenson Fiction; Horror 2018-10-27 ★★★★
The Emergence of the British Two-Party System Frank O'Gorman Nonfiction; History; Political 2018-11-04 ★★★
The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet Becky Chambers Fiction; Science-Fiction 2018-11-08 ★★
The Age of Fable Thomas Bullfinch Nonfiction; Collection; Legend; Theological 2018-11-30 ★★★
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Mark Twain Fiction; Comedy; Fantasy; Derivative 2018-12-20 ★★★
Watling Street John Higgs Nonfiction 2019-01-06 ★★
The Redemption of Althalus David & Leigh Eddings Fiction; Fantasy 2019-01-10 ★★★
The Discovery of France Graham Robb Nonfiction; History 2019-01-17 ★★★★
American Elsewhere Robert Jackson Bennett Fiction; Horror 2019-01-19 ★★★★
Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? Frans de Waal Nonfiction; Nature; Psychology 2019-01-20 ★★★★
The Wake Paul Kingsnorth Fiction 2019-01-31 ★★★★
The Uses of Literature Italo Calvino (tr. Patrick Creagh) Nonfiction; Collection 2019-03-16 ★★★
We Have Always Lived in the Castle Shirley Jackson Fiction; Horror 2019-03-18 ★★★★
Permutation City Greg Egan Fiction; Science-Fiction; Surreal; Theological 2019-04-06 ★★★★★
Appleseed John Clute Fiction; Science-Fiction; Surreal; Theological 2019-04-09 ★★★★★
How to Get a PhD Estelle Phillips & Derek Pugh Nonfiction 2019-04-19 ★★★★
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind Julian Jaynes Nonfiction; Psychology; Theological 2019-05-23 ★★
The Helmet of Horror Victor Pelevin (tr. Andrew Bromfield) Fiction; Surreal 2019-05-25 ★★★
Revelation Space Alistair Reynolds Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-06-09 ★★★
Against the Grain James C. Scott Nonfiction; History; Political 2019-06-25 ★★★★
The Eyre Affair Jasper Fforde Fiction; Surreal; Comedy; Derivative 2019-07-08 ★★★
The Sot-Weed Factor John Barth Fiction 2019-07-28 ★★★★
The Soul of a New Machine Tracey Kidder Nonfiction; Technology 2019-08-04 ★★★
The Darkness that Comes Before R. Scott Bakker Fiction; Fantasy 2019-08-06 ★★★
Digital Fortress Dan Brown Fiction; Crime 2019-08-10
The Warrior Prophet R. Scott Bakker Fiction; Fantasy 2019-08-14 ★★★
The Thousandfold Thought R. Scott Bakker Fiction; Fantasy 2019-08-17 ★★
Letters on England Voltaire (tr. unknown) Nonfiction; Collection; Philosophy 2019-08-18 ★★★
Lucky Jim Kingsley Amis Fiction; Comedy 2019-08-20 ★★★
Liars and Outliers Bruce Schneier Nonfiction 2019-08-24 ★★★
The Fifth Season N. K. Jemisin Fiction; Fantasy 2019-08-25 ★★★★
Under One Banner Graydon Saunders Fiction; Fantasy 2019-08-27 ★★
The Obelisk Gate N. K. Jemisin Fiction; Fantasy 2019-08-31 ★★★
The Bomb and the Computer Andrew Wilson Nonfiction; History 2019-09-01 ★★★
The Stone Sky N. K. Jemisin Fiction; Fantasy 2019-09-06 ★★
On Basilisk Station David Weber Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-09-08 ★★★★
The Honor of the Queen David Weber Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-09-10 ★★★★
The Short Victorious War David Weber Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-09-11 ★★★
The Lathe of Heaven Ursula K. Le Guin Fiction; Science-Fiction; Surreal 2019-09-12 ★★★★
Field of Dishonor David Weber Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-09-14 ★★★
Flag in Exile David Weber Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-09-16 ★★★
The Control of Nature John McPhee Nonfiction; Nature 2019-09-22 ★★★★
The Many-Coloured Land Julian May Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-09-23 ★★★★
The Golden Torc Julian May Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-09-29 ★★★
Honor Among Enemies David Weber Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-12-09 ★★★
In Enemy Hands David Weber Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-12-23 ★★★
Ashes of Victory David Weber Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-12-24 ★★
Past, Present and Future of Statistical Science Lin et al. (eds.) Nonfiction; Mathematics; History 2019-12-29 ★★★
The Nonborn King Julian May Fiction; Science-Fiction 2019-12-31 ★★★
Dishonesty is the Second-Best Policy David Mitchell Nonfiction; Collection; Political 2020-01-02 ★★★★
Time for a Tiger Anthony Burgess Fiction 2020-01-23 ★★★
The Adversary Julian May Fiction; Science-Fiction 2020-01-24 ★★★
The Cuckoo's Egg Cliff Stoll Nonfiction; Technology; Crime 2020-04-26 ★★★★
Black Star, Black Sun Rich Hawkins Fiction; Horror 2020-04-26 ★★★
Mother of Learning Domagoj Kurmaic Fiction; Fantasy; Derivative 2020-05-01 ★★★★
Too Like the Lightning Ada Palmer Fiction; Science-Fiction 2020-05-31 ★★★
A Theory of Jerks Eric Schwitzgebel Nonfiction; Philosophy 2020-08-02 ★★★★
Dictionary of the Khazars Milorad Pavić (tr. Christina Pribićević-Zorić) Fiction; Surreal 2020-12-25 ★★★
The House on the Borderland William Hope Hodgson Fiction; Horror; Science-Fiction 2020-12-25 ★★★★
The Magicians' Guild Trudi Canavan Fiction; Fantasy 2020-12-26 ★★★
The Novice Trudi Canavan Fiction; Fantasy 2020-12-27 ★★★
The High Lord Trudi Canavan Fiction; Fantasy 2020-12-28 ★★★
What Mad Pursuit Francis Crick Nonfiction; Biography 2020-12-29 ★★★
Engine Summer John Crowley Fiction; Science-Fiction 2020-12-29 ★★★★
Dear Committee Members Julie Schumacher Fiction; Comedy 2020-12-30 ★★★★
The Dying Earth Jack Vance Fiction; Collection; Fantasy; Science-Fiction 2021-01-02 ★★★★
Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City K. J. Parker Fiction; Fantasy 2021-01-04 ★★★★
The Eyes of the Overworld Jack Vance Fiction; Fantasy 2021-01-08 ★★★★
The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece Josiah Ober Nonfiction; History; Political 2021-02-21 ★★★★
Dimension of Miracles Robert Sheckley Fiction; Comedy; Surreal; Theological 2021-02-22 ★★★★
Cugel's Saga Jack Vance Fiction; Fantasy 2021-02-27 ★★★★
The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees Robert Penn Nonfiction 2021-03-07 ★★★
Rhialto the Marvellous Jack Vance Fiction; Fantasy 2021-03-10 ★★★
The Long Earth Terry Pratchet & Stephen Baxter Fiction; Science-Fiction 2021-03-13 ★★★
News of the World Paulette Jiles Fiction 2021-03-13 ★★★
Earth Abides George R. Stewart Fiction; Science-Fiction 2021-03-15 ★★★★
The Republic Plato (tr. John Llewelyn Davies & David James Vaughan) Nonfiction; Political; Philosophy 2021-04-01 ★★★
Prince of Thorns Mark Lawrence Fiction; Fantasy 2021-04-01 ★★★★
King of Thorns Mark Lawrence Fiction; Fantasy 2021-04-02 ★★★★
Emperor of Thorns Mark Lawrence Fiction; Fantasy 2021-04-03 ★★★
Empires of the Plain Lesley Adkins Nonfiction; Biography; Language; History 2021-04-11 ★★★★
The Call of the Wild Jack London Fiction 2021-04-12 ★★★★
The Crying of Lot 49 Thomas Pynchon Fiction 2021-04-13 ★★★
Cleanliness & Godliness Reginald Reynolds Nonfiction 2021-04-20 ★★★★★
Emphyrio Jack Vance Fiction; Science-Fiction 2021-04-23 ★★★★
South to Samarkand Ethel Mannin Nonfiction 2021-04-26 ★★★★
Borne Jeff VanderMeer Fiction; Science-Fiction; Surreal 2021-04-27 ★★★★
The Metamorphosis of Ajax John Harington Nonfiction; Comedy 2021-05-01 ★★★★
Needful Things Stephen King Fiction; Horror 2021-05-03 ★★★★
Aeropagitica John Milton Nonfiction; Political 2021-05-03 ★★★
Bleak House Charles Dickens Fiction 2021-05-10 ★★★★
Anabasis Xenophon (tr. H. G. Dakyns) Nonfiction 2021-05-14 ★★★★
The Complete Edgar Allan Poe Tales Edgar Allan Poe Fiction; Collection; Horror; Comedy; Science-Fiction; Crime 2021-05-15 ★★★
The Turn of the Screw Henry James Fiction; Horror 2021-05-16 ★★
Sabriel Garth Nix Fiction; Fantasy 2021-05-18 ★★★
Writings from Ancient Egypt anon. (tr. Toby Wilkinson) Nonfiction; Collection 2021-05-22 ★★★
Lirael Garth Nix Fiction; Fantasy 2021-05-22 ★★
Cyropaedia Xenophon (tr. H. G. Dakyns) Nonfiction; Biography; Political 2021-05-25 ★★★★
Diaspora Greg Egan Fiction; Science-Fiction; Surreal 2021-05-29 ★★★★
The Enemy in the Blanket Anthony Burgess Fiction 2021-06-01 ★★
The Jests of Hierocles and Philagrius anon. (tr. Charles Clinch Bubb) Nonfiction; Comedy; Collection 2021-06-02 ★★★
Beds in the East Anthony Burgess Fiction 2021-06-04 ★★★
This is Going to Hurt Adam Kay Nonfiction; Biography; Comedy 2021-06-06 ★★★★
Parallel Lives, Volume I Plutarch (tr. George Long & Aubrey Stewart) Nonfiction; Collection; Biography; History 2021-06-08 ★★★★
Pericles and Apasia Walter Savage Landor Fiction 2021-06-09
The English Language Whitney F. Bolton (ed.) Nonfiction; Collection; Language 2021-06-16 ★★★
Aeneas Tacticus, Asclepiodotus, and Onasander Aeneas, Asclepiodotus, Onasander (tr. various) Nonfiction; Collection 2021-06-22 ★★★
Parallel Lives, Volume II Plutarch (tr. George Long & Aubrey Stewart) Nonfiction; Collection; Biography; History 2021-06-25 ★★★★
Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel Fiction; Historical 2021-06-27 ★★★★
The Greek Way Edith Hamilton Nonfiction 2021-07-01 ★★
Child of a Dream Valerio Massimo Manfredi (tr. Iain Halliday) Fiction; Historical 2021-07-05 ★★★
Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom Nonfiction; Biography 2021-07-06 ★★
Perfume Patrick Süskind (tr. John E. Woods) Fiction 2021-07-09 ★★★★
How Reason Almost Lost its Mind Paul Erickson et al. Nonfiction; Psychology; History 2021-07-11 ★★★
The Sands of Ammon Valerio Massimo Manfredi (tr. Iain Halliday) Fiction; Historical 2021-07-16 ★★
Beds Reginald Reynolds Nonfiction 2021-07-20 ★★★★
The Ends of the Earth Valerio Massimo Manfredi (tr. Iain Halliday) Fiction; Historical 2021-07-21 ★★
Parallel Lives, Volume III Plutarch (tr. George Long & Aubrey Stewart) Nonfiction; Collection; Biography; History 2021-07-22 ★★★★
Worth the Candle Alexander Wales Fiction; Fantasy; Surreal 2021-07-23 ★★★★
I Think You'll Find it's a Bit More Complicated Than That Ben Goldacre Nonfiction; Collection 2021-07-25 ★★★★
The Final Empire Brandon Sanderson Fiction; Fantasy 2021-07-30 ★★★
The Western Way of War Victor Hanson Nonfiction; History 2021-09-07 ★★★★
Bring Up the Bodies Hilary Mantel Fiction; Historical 2021-09-21 ★★★★